My name’s Zoe Uwem. I build businesses with words!

About me

That’s basically what I’m about, but here’s a more comprehensive description of me:

I’m a professional freelance writer, blogger, copywriter, and content marketing strategist for business-to-business (B2B) technology and software companies.

I run a web-based content marketing/writing  business, where I help businesses all around the world generate leads, make more sales, drive targeted traffic, and increase their revenue while communicating better with their customers.

Other than Content Creation and Marketing?


  • I’m a crackerjack on the coding diamond. Hopefully this content marketing thing gives me time to create my first commercial app.
  • I’m very proficient with WordPress plus a whole other web technologies. Generally, I’m a tech person.
  • Academically, I major in business management.
  • I’m good with designing (web and graphics) though I’m not doing it occupationally.
  • Worked as a teacher for 3+ years so I’m pretty good on the teaching front, too.
  • Oh and, I’m a logophile. That means, lover of words.

And I love writing, too.

I started playing with words as far back as I can remember. But the trouble was, I didn’t know where to direct my words and writing. So I ended up writing everything from beside-the-point scribblings to poems to short stories.

In 2008, I started writing song lyrics. I wrote over eighty songs in one year. Good songs, trust me 😀

Then in 2012, I discovered freelance writing and fell in love with it. Started learning the freelance ropes in 2013 and by 2014, I was set to go. Started out immediately and I’ve been living the freelance life ever since, working with businesses the world over.

I believe that words are one of the most beautiful gifts to mankind; and you never know that until you’re in the midst of people whose tongue you don’t understand. I believe that words are wonderful.

And powerful, too.

They make or mar men and direct their lives, thus my pining that men should know how to use words — to their advantage.

Thank holy heavens, I know how to use them.

And I’d love to use them to build your business.