Some writers will tell you they write everything from sales copy to how-to articles just so you Hire them. But if you want the best ROI on your content investment, you need to hire the right person — a specialized writer.

It starts with an understanding that there’s a huge difference between copywriting and content writing, and that each one of those requires specialized skillset to be done perfectly well for results.

Unlike the generalists, I don’t do everything. I offer, exclusively, blogging solutions I know I’ll be able to use to get you at least 200% return on your investment. I’ve studied, practiced, and mastered this branch of content marketing over the years. If you need blogging help, I’m the best guy for you in the whole of the web.

The blogging services I specialize in are:



My blog post writing service is topnotch. Companies like OptinMonster and KiSSFLOW hire me to create blog content for them.

Need the posts well-researched and written with in-depth knowledge? I’m expert in marketing, entrepreneurship/business, and SaaS/tech, thus, I focus exclusively on these topics… although I’ve also written several pieces on topics like WordPress, productivity and, on why your dog thinks your banker isn’t telling you everything.

Long-form or short-form? I can make the posts as long and detailed or as short and simple as you want.

Want graphics? I’ll add high quality images and screenshots to communicate your message better to your audience, plus other multimedia like embedded videos (where relevant).

Also, I’m usually intrigued by data and stats. They make blog posts more authoritative and informational. If data is something that intrigues you too, I’ll dig ‘em up for inclusion in your posts.



I can take up the full responsibility of managing your entire blog: creating, uploading, optimizing, publishing, and promoting blog content for you.

Think of it as a done-for-you (DFY) service that lets you run your blog on auto-pilot while rigging great benefits (Google’s 1st page, traffic, leads, conversions) and leaving your competitors wondering “how the hell is he getting all that results?”

I’m adept at using these blogging platforms: WordPress, HubSpot, Joomla!, Drupal, Shopify, Ghost, Blogger, Tumblr, Big Cartel and Magento.



Trying to blog without a strategy is like nailing jell-O to a tree — it’s difficult, desultory, disorganized, directionless, and dangerous for business.

If you want to streamline your blogging process and expedite results, you need a professionally developed blogging strategy. I’ll do this for you, built from scratch and tailored for your business.

The blogging strategy I develop is complete and comprehensive; it’ll include everything from analyzing your industry/niche to find unique ways you can stand out, to developing an effective blog editorial calendar (with blog post ideas for one full year and publishing dates), to the best custom strategies for optimizing and promoting your content for results, and a LOT more.

If you need me to work on a single strategy for you, like developing just a blog editorial calendar, just drop me a line.



One of the best ways to leverage blogging is to make your blog content show up in search results. This way people will find your website easily.

  • My SEO service primarily involves using blogging to rank on the first/second pages of Google (and other search engines). It centres on organic traffic, not paid. This means I’ll either create or optimize your existing blog content to rank organically. Compared to paid, organic is simply better for delivering RELEVANT traffic.
  • My SEO service involves developing a strong keyword strategy in which I analyze and select high-performing keywords that drive relevant traffic to your business. If you need help with just effective keyword strategy, just mention it.



If getting your stuff (content, product, company, ideas) in front of a bunch of highly relevant audiences is something you’d cherish, then I’m in.

I’ve guest blogged at some of the biggest brands in the blogosphere; I’m willing to fix your stuff up on relevant blogs within your space.

Guest blogging comes with many benefits: traffic, exposure, backlinks, new audience, quality leads, brand affinity and more.

This is a DFY service where I do everything from finding the right blogs for you, to creating content, to pitching blog editors/owners and everything in between.


I’m also open to creating other blog related content for you to engage more with your blog audience, including:

  • eBooks
  • eCourse
  • Subscriber emails
  • Blog pages (like “About Us”)



Let's Talk Blogging




  • Old blog content update: Chances are that you have some old and outdated content on your blog. Tell you what: old and outdated content can kill brand image, forcing you to leave some money on the table. You need to update them. Not only can I update your content, I can also optimize and turn your old content into something your target audience will love, something that will increase engagement and leads for you.
  • Blog conversion optimization: What’s the essence of blogging when your blog content does not convert readers into subscribers or even customers? If your blog is already receiving traffic but none of the visitors are signing up, I’ll come in and make them convert using special techniques to optimize your blog conversion rates so you can get the most out your blog.
  • Blog critique: When I critique your blog, there’ll be only one outcome: a better blog that reflects your awesome content the way you want it to and helps you achieve your business goals fast. The critique will address every area required to run a successful blog, including content, traffic, design & usability, SEO, engagement, promotion, conversions etc. I’ll examine your blog against your business goals, highlight the things that are holding you back and create an easy-to-follow action plan that’ll make a huge difference in how your blog attracts and retains visitors. I’ll be brutal, but by the time we’re done, you’ll love me more.



Let's Talk Blogging

Blogging services for attracting, engaging, and converting traffic and leads.