My work has been featured on brands like Problogger, KISSmetrics, and Lifehack.org.


Want to peek at some of them? You’ll be able to do so on this page.



  • Marketing
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • App Development and Tools
  • B2B Tech and SaaS

Since I specialize in a few selected niches, I’m categorizing the samples according to those niches.

Also I’m including 2-4 samples under each niche for your perusal, but I’ve written a lot more pieces than what’s included here. This page is just to let you glimpse at what I’ve done. If you’d like to see more samples for any of the niches, let me know. I’d be glad to share my most relevant work.



If you need content around marketing topics, I’m more than happy to help. I’ve done online marketing for 4+ years now and my vast, in-depth knowledge of digital marketing let me write on  disciplines like content marketing, email marketing, blogging, lead generation, inbound marketing, link-building, online video marketing, marketing tools, social media, affiliate marketing, reputation management, paid advertising, conversion rates optimization, SEO, and so on.

Marketing Article Samples


20 Tips for Better Business Blogging: How to Use Blogging to Generate Leads  — Problogger


6 Warning Signs Your Content Marketing is Destined to Fail — CanIRank.com






Want someone who understands business in and out? I’m a business grad and my astronomical business expertise allows me to easily write on business topics such as management, entrepreneurship, startup, business growth, small business, human resources, sales, finance, accounting, customer service, business development and what have you!

Business/Entrepreneurship Article Samples


Survey Questions That Work: How to Unlock Your Customers’ Deepest Desires — KISSmetrics


7 Mistakes to Avoid When Quitting Your Day Job to Start a Business — KillerStartups



7 Warning Signs That Your Startup Is Heading In the Wrong Direction (And What to Do about It) — Under30CEO





If you’re in the app development space and need an industry expert for a content project, you and I will make a great team. I’m able to write knowledgeably on app development and coding/no-coding topics, explaining complex processes, use cases, and products in a way that even the average Joe will understand without being bored with dev jargons.

 App Development Article Samples


Coding for Non-Coders (a 4-part series) — Joget.org


Remote Working Tools Every Developer Needs to Have — X-Team


3 Common Problems with App Development [and How to Easily Fix Them] — Joget


Fun and Easy Ways to Sync Your Android and Windows 10 — Lifehack.org



 If your business is SaaS-based or is built around B2B tech, my content will help you grow.


Top 5 Workflow Automation Processes for e-Commerce Companies — KiSSFlow 

What Is Business Process Management And How Can It Help Your Business?

7 Processes You Need to Automate in a Hospital — KiSSFlow

Going Paperless: The Smart Guide to Cloud Storage

Essential Things to Consider In Choosing The Right Workflow Automation Software



Some of the projects I’ve worked on were ghost-written, which means even though I solely created the content from scratch, they were not published in my name. But don’t worry, I was able to talk to some of my clients and they gave me the go ahead to put the links up here for you.

Here they are:

7 SEO Tools to Improve Content Marketing (Search Engine Watch)

How to Create a Healthcare Marketing Strategy that Brings in New Patients Month After Month (Titan Web Agency)

How to Use Consumer Psychology to Boost Conversion (TruConversion)

DON’T FAIL AT CONVERSION!: 20+ Insane Value Proposition Examples (TruConversion)

20+ Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Conversion Rate Optimization (TruConversion)

LANDING PAGES DO CONVERT: 10 Guaranteed Steps to Landing Page Optimization (TruConversion)

50 Effective Bite-Size Tips for Increasing Conversion Rates (TruConversion)

How to Boost Your Conversion Rates with an Effective Value Proposition: The Basics (TruConversion)

How to Boost Your Conversion Rates with an Effective Value Proposition: Best Practices w/ Examples (TruConversion)

Ultimate Handbook of Google Analytics Blogs for Best CRO Practices (TruConversion)

10 UX Design Hacks for Increasing Conversions (TruConversion)

The A-Z of an Effective A/B Testing: Everything You Need to Know (TruConversion)

4 Design Tips for Improving Website Conversion Rates (OptinMonster)

Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization (OptinMonster)


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