I don’t sit around passively and do just anything that comes to mind. I follow a thorough process to achieve excellence. This is how I work!


Blogging projects are always mostly ongoing. You need a blogger that follows a process, meets deadlines, and delivers results; not one that is not organized.

For every project I take on, I follow a well-defined process to streamline our collaboration, make things neat and orderly for you, and give you a bird’s eye view of what I’m doing so you can track every move I make to get you results.

Although some steps in my process may slightly be tweaked to meet each client’s unique spec, the ones listed below will give you an idea of what to expect from initial “hellos” to a traffic-generating blog.


Initial Hellos

You stumble across my website, maybe on Google search or through referrals. You like my face, submit my form, send an email, connect via social media, or send a message through a raven — point is, we’re talking now.

I review your inquiry, and if I find we’re a fit, I respond within 24 hours via email. And a few initial back-and-forth emails, maybe.



Project Brief

I send you a short, useful form (via Google Forms). In the form, I ask you important questions about your goals, specifications, company, target audience, expectations, budget, and relevant documents you’d like me to look at in order to understand a thing or two about your business. 

You complete the form, having in mind that it’s important for me to have a clear understanding of your business and of what you want so I can deliver best results.

You find that by the time you’re done completing the form, your project has taken shape, you have a better vision of what you want, you’ve provided some very detailed information necessary for a successful project, and you know I’m the right person for the project.



My Proposal in PDF

I’ve reviewed your brief and gotten a full grasp of what you need help with + your motivations.

I send in a proposal, which usually include information on:

  • Expectations that need to be met by you and I for the project to be successful
  • My suggestions, if necessary
  • Itemized list of what I will deliver
  • My earliest available start date
  • Project quote


A Quick Call

I have an understanding of exactly what you are looking. You have seen my proposal and all the wonderful things I’ll do for you. It’s time to talk business.

I schedule a short call (usually via Skype) at a time that is convenient for you. This is where we finalize the onboarding process and all negotiations. You ask your few final questions and I do, too.

NOTE: An assistant from handles all the back-and-forth of my meeting schedules. I allow only two meetings in a business day because I have work to do.



Agreements and Contracts

Yay! All the details are worked out and our negotiation has helped us to settle on a rate. The next step is to solidify and formalize our work relationship by signing a Contract or an informal Letter of Agreement.

I pass a Freelance Agreement to you. Don’t worry, it’s very simple and good for you. It’s meant to detail the specs and the things expected from both ends, so I can do a clean job for you, and you too can remain an awesome client. You’ll love it.

If you’ll prefer we use your company’s Freelance Agreement, you’re more than welcome to send it to me.

You’re also free to send me other documents as appropriate. Most companies I work with send me things like NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).


Initial Deposit

We’re done putting our signatures to digital papers. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

Deposits are required for every project. Why? Because I’ve gotten my fingers burnt twice. The Internet is a beauty, but it’s also got some assholes roaming about in it. Learned that lesson the hard way, TWICE.

Deposits are either 50% upfront, on a milestone basis for larger projects, or on a monthly basis for ongoing projects.

Let me break it down for you:

  • If the project will require a fixed monthly payment (95+ percent of the [blogging] projects I work on are always ongoing), you would have to make an initial payment for the first month.
  • A 50% deposit is required if it’s a one-off.
  • If I quote per word, you would have to make a $500 initial deposit.

My minimum engagement rate is $500 (single project, or across a single month). That’s not a package or a quote for your project, just a benchmark to keep in mind.


Research and Discovery

We’ve done all the legals. You’ve sent deposit. Congrats! We’re in business.

Before I write a word of blog content or work on any part of your blog, I take the time to understand your company, products/services, competition, and customers/target audience. This is where I look at the documents you sent along with your Project Brief.

This is important for creating content that clicks with your brand, speak to your audience in the best voice they understand, stand out from the competition, and talk about your product in the most amazing way.

  • Company: I want to know more about the background/story of your brand. Why this business in particular?
  • Products and Services: What problems do your products and services solve and how? I’ll peruse over your current website and any apposite docs, eBooks, case studies or resources that can help me understand what you do and why it matters. If possible, I’ll use your product or receive a demo. Be ready to create a premium account for me for free.
  • Competition: Which 3-5 companies are your prospects evaluating while considering your solution? I review their messaging and positioning and find opportunities to make you the preferred choice.
  • Customers: This one is super essential. I need to know what your most satisfied customers value about your solution. I need to uncover the language they use to describe their pain points and your solution. And whenever possible, data that shows how they interact with your current site is a huge help. I have all kinds of tricks to uncover and channel the voice of your customer including surveys, message mining, and customer interviews.

Why all this? Because I need to get you results.


Time to Work

After all the background research, it’s time to work. I take everything I have learned combing over my research and implement on the project.



Some other stuff you’ll probably find useful


I accept payments via wire transfers, electronic transfers, and 2Checkout (for PayPal users)

I’ll happily take payments via wire transfers, electronic transfers, and 2Checkout. For wire and electronic transfers, my bank account is very memorable so I can promise you that you won’t forget a thing.

2Checkout is secure, super easy to use and fast. You can complete a payment in 3 simple clicks and don’t have to sign up. They don’t charge you for making payments; I handle everything.

2Checkout lets you pay using PayPal. So if you want to pay me via PayPal, this is going to be smooth and safe. Other payment options offered by include:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Diners
  • JCB
  • Debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo

It also lets you pay in your local currency and supports multiple languages. If you speak traditional Chinese, let me know and I’ll invoice you in traditional Chinese, just like that… 我是認真的

I follow efficient steps to create content

I’m blazing pumped on creating content that actually gets results. If necessary, I can go through the below 3 steps together with you to get just the right content… especially for the first few content pieces we create. After I catch what you or your editors want, I’ll run unaided.

  • Outlines: To ensure we remain on the same page, I can provide a brief outline of any piece of content before writing the first draft. This outline requires your project lead to approve it or offer revisions.
  • First Draft: Most times, my first draft is my last draft. I expand on the agreed upon outline and present content that’s publish-ready.
  • Revisions: My work is always clean, but to ensure your complete, final satisfaction, I offer a free round of revisions. Revisions are edits that are made within appropriate timeframe and don’t deviate from the outline you signed off on. Usually, I share content using Google Docs. The “commenting” and “suggesting” features in Docs are awesome for managing revision requests.


I can publish content directly on your blog for you

I make the process of working with me simple and streamlined. Standardized and structured, even. We both don’t want any nonsense, right?

If you don’t wish to get your hands dirty with anything content, I’ll handle everything. That’s love!

After writing, I can upload and/or publish the content directly for you. I’m highly skilled in using these blogging platforms: WordPress, HubSpot, Joomla!, Drupal, Shopify, Ghost, Blogger, Tumblr, Big Cartel and Magento.

For guest posts, I send them off to the target blogs to publish. This is usually more complicated than it sounds.


There are some clients I don’t click with. Seriously!

I get it — some writers will say anything to get you to hire them. I’m not going to sell you the moon and bring you swiss cheese.

I’m a terrible fit for clients who…

  • Want something “cheap” (I prefer effective)
  • Don’t stand to gain at least 200% ROI on a content investment (Sorry, I can’t help your bad product)
  • Just “need it done quickly” (I’d rather do it well)
  • Don’t believe in research (Don’t pay me to guess)
  • Need someone to place links for them on “authority sites” (Go do it yourself. I work only with serious clients who want stuff done ethically)

I’m a great fit for clients who want someone…

  • Experienced: I’ve written for dozens of businesses including the like of OptinMonster, Kissmetrics, Lifehack, and KiSSFLOW. Problogger, a big and respectable “blogging blog,” had me teach their audience about better business blogging.
  • Organized:  I follow a process, so you know exactly what to expect.
  • Efficient: I get things done right the first time, so you haggle less and publish content faster.
  • Accountable: I check in without being asked to, so you always know where we’re at.
  • Knowledgeable: I know content marketing and search engine optimization inside and out, so I know how to make your content show up on search, social and beyond.
  • Proven: I know what it takes to get traffic and leads (which is why you’re really hiring me).


I quote per word or per project or per post

I quote a per project, per word, and per post rates based on your project type, not an hourly one. You get a firm price and know exactly what I’m going to deliver for you. No guesswork.

Hourly rates are broken for both of us: I’m incentivized to type slowly, you’re incentivized to micromanage.

Let’s not.

Instead, you’re paying me to deliver a serious return you can take to the bank (leads, sales, conversions) — NOT for the time I spent hunched over a keyboard. We both win.


I accept retainers

Want to keep me in your corner, creating regular content that attracts visitors and converts people? Be sure to let me know and we can chat about that.


My entire focus is on driving action through blogging

Some writers don’t care if the content they create works, as long as it sounds nice. I’m all about results, and my process reflect that.

My job is to help you create awesome, useful content, get people to like you, drive better traffic, and make money.


I’m usually pretty serious about deadlines

I always deliver on or before the deadline. But don’t ask for same-day delivery except you’re ready to pay my emergency turnaround fees.


I’m very transparent in the way I work

If you request, I’ll create a spreadsheet (on Google Sheets) to record every action I take and my thinking behind them. This will  allow you track and see everything I do to get you results.


I operate out of Nigeria

Given the superiority and exceptional quality of my work (and life), most people, prospective clients inclusive, usually think I operate from somewhere near the White House in DC. That’s potentially honest but hey, I do not work out of there.

I’m a decent African and I work from my little headquarters based out of Nigeria, the world’s most important black nation. I’m looking to move to Canada though, where I’ll be completing my Master’s degree in business.

I understand some folks do have some concerns with the “native English speaker” thing, but FYI, Nigeria’s official language is ENGLISH.

The amazing thing is, everyone that works with me has always said they don’t care about locations, only results. And I actually get them RESULTS.

What’s more, I’m well-trained, responsive, honest, and very dedicated. And I can compete competently with any writer from anywhere around the world — including USA, Canada, and the UK.

My work quality is top-class and I exude excellence in every work I do. I can write proficiently in both American and British English. You and your dog will love me very much.

I’m not a generalist writer

If you need someone that’ll be your do-it-all content workhorse, who’ll do everything from responding to your interview questions to writing elevator pitches for you, please don’t get in touch with me.

I specialize exclusively on creating content for blog audience (blog posts, eBooks, subscriber emails, and eCourses). My topics of focus include, but not limited to:

  • Marketing — content marketing, emails, copywriting, blogging, paid ads, online reputation management, affiliate marketing, SEO, conversion rates optimization, A/B testing, link building, social media, video marketing, etc.
  • B2B Tech and SaaS — software development, workflow automation, enterprise software, business tools, IT, web services, etc.
  • Software Development and Tools — including coding and no-coding topics.
  • Business and Entrepreneurship —business management, human resources, freelancing, internal business operations, online business, finance, startups, growth, accounting, business development, sales, etc.

Other than that, I only offer other blogging related services, including blogging strategy development, SEO by blogging, guest blogging, full-blown blog management, blog content optimization, and old blog content updates.


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