Blogging + content marketing services for B2B/tech business owners interested in reaching more customers in less time!

Writing services

Attracting and turning ordinary people into paying customers isn’t rocket science. All you need is an effective content strategy.

And that’s why I offer result-guaranteed, super-effective blogging/content marketing services, with an incredibly cost-effective pricing to allow you spend less for more¬†‚ÄĒ less cost for more value, less time marketing while getting more customers, less effort fussing over content while spending more time handling new businesses.

As a content marketing mind for hire, I won’t promise you to do everything. Instead, I choose and specialize in services I know I’ll be able to use to offer you at least¬†300% return on your investment.

Below are the services I specialize in:

1. Blogging

I don’t just create blog content, I use blogging to drive real-world results. I can help your business grow extensively through expertly-done blogging. This is why a big ‘blogging blog’ like Problogger got me to teach their audience how to use blogging to get results for business. If you want results, you need me.

2. Content marketing strategy

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a well-documented content marketing strategy.

Let me state this unequivocally: Without a content strategy, your content marketing efforts will likely not be effective at all.¬†Here’s what, with my years of experience, I will help you create a content marketing strategy that guarantees results.

3. Guest blogging

Given my expertise, I will help you get published on relevant blogs within your industry. I get published on top blogs every time so I know what I’m talking about.

Guest blogging can get you amazing results you never thought possible, especially in terms web traffic, new customers, and exposure.

4. Content optimization and upgrade

Chances are that you have some old and outdated content, maybe on your website, blog, or some other places.

Let me tell you what: Those pieces of old and outdated content are actually killing your brand image and causing you to leave money on the table. You need to update them now.

Don’t panic; I can help you.

Not only can I update your content, I can also optimize and turn your old content into something your customers will cherish, something that will drive you traffic and sales.

5. Business content

(Including whitepapers, website content, sales/landing pages, email newsletters, case studies, ebooks, press releases, company brochures, and knowledge base content).

Hire Me to Write for You!

I can write (or re-write), format,  and optimize for search engines the above listed content types. Be it short copy, or long-form content with data/statistics, screenshots/relevant images, and links, I can help.

Let’s go on a spree to snowball your business. Shoot me an email at